Scientists, statisticians and clinicians with years of national and international experience.

Our multi-disciplinary proficiency enables us to anticipate and understand the needs and wishes of our customers. CERES is characterised by a highly interdisciplinary background in medicine, preclinical and technology and experience with regulations relevant to clinical research on medical devices.


Stephan Joeken (Ph.D.)

CEO and Founder of CERES GmbH evaluation and research
s.joeken [AT]

In cooperation with physiologists, Dr. Stephan Joeken obtained his Ph. D. in Physics. Before founding CERES in 2005, Stephan was the head of research and development departments in mid-sized medical device research and manufacturing companies. He has about 20 years of professional experience with medical devices, including those used in intensive care medicine, anaesthesia, cardiology, electrophysiology and neurology, as well as other innovative medical products.

At CERES, all of our partners benefit from his vast experience with medical devices.


Claudia Marx (M.D.)

Deputy CEO, Head of the Department for Clinical Trials
c.marx [AT]

Dr. Claudia Marx is clinical pharmacologist and studied medicine and received her M.D. at the School of Medicine at the University of Heidelberg/ Mannheim. Prior to joining CERES, she was a study physician, co-Investigator, project manager, and clinical research coordinator for clinical trials.

If you run a feasibility, first-in-human, or pre-CE approval trial at CERES, you will work closely with Claudia. You will benefit from her clinical trial experience.


Agnes Telaar-Dreyer

Pre-Project-Analysis & Public Relations
a.telaar [AT]

Mrs. Agnes Telaar-Dreyer is responsible for the national and international project analysis at CERES. She is leading the Pre-Project-Analysis as well as Public Relations. Mrs. Telaar-Dreyer will be happy to help you with your needs. Before working for CERES Mrs. Telaar-Dreyer studied Business and Law at the University of Würzburg and then worked for her own marketing company. She will advise you in reaching your goal well structured and target-oriented.