Was andere über CERES denken…

“We work with CERES for more than two years on a multicenter clinical study project on a full service basis. CERES is a […] organization with flat hierarchy, very friendly, responsive and knowledgeable staff incl. MD and PhD level experts with experience in various medical fields. Working with CERES, you can trust that you get the full service from their entire team, not just a single project manager. Whatever burning question comes up, you can directly reach out to the CERES specialist you need and take quick decisions. Reliable and efficient in interacting with study sponsor, investigators, core labs and agencies across Germany and neighboring countries.”

Head of Clinical Affairs, Deutschland

“I am writing to recommend the services of CERES evaluation & research. [Customer] has been using CERES’s various services for several years, and has always been satisfied. CERES has numerous scientific and regulatory advisors with years of experience. Through CERES’s innovative research and scientific rigor they are suitable to support customers of all sizes, across a range of industries, solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. CERES’s cross-functional team will partner with you to understand your task and work to solve it.”

CEO, Israel

“[Customer] develops and produces embedded electronic medical equipment on a high quality standard. For our regulatory affairs we need a really good partner for the clinical assessments.
CERES is this trustful partner with a big experience in this area.”

CEO, Deutschland

“It has been a pleasure to work with CERES GmbH on consultation and on compiling a lot of clinical evaluation reports. Your experience and knowledge of AIMD and EP-Catheters as well as of the regulatory environment brought forward our CE-certification and CE-re-certification projects. Your systematic process […] make it easy for us to communicate with you and your team. We appreciate that you listen to our concerns and desires. I highly recommend your services and your appropriate fees.
We look forward to futher fruitful cooperation with you and your team.”

Vice President R&D, Deutschland