In our moderated workshops, we address your company-specific requirements. We pick up your current situation and lead you to a needs-based formulation of your goals.

Get exactly the help and support to bring forward your medical device.

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team with years of national and international experience will advise you and your company!

The common goal formulation depends on your question as well as on the workshop participants, our moderation and those to be supported. Typical questions that we analyse together are:

  • business development
  • optimisation of your product portfolio and clincal product lifecycles
  • implementation of the MDR
  • definition of appropriate clinical targets/aims
  • and many more …


An in depth analysis supports you in the decision-making, which e.g. results in a clinical-regulatory strategy. It identifies tangible measures, ranging from targeted training of your employees and study staff, to CEP implementation, and definition of the development pipeline, including its marketing and funding plan.

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